SuperOttimisti on the Road

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Cinema as cross-cultural exchange telling the story of the climate crisis through wars and human mobility

Superottimisti on the road’ is the result of a training and film production course held in Kenya for young university students coming from different African countries. The project was set up by Superottimisti (a regional family film archive with headquarters in Turin) and supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Kenya, with the collaboration of the NGO JRS East Africa. The project took place in December 2022 and focused on recovering, restoring and creatively showcasing archival footage from Nairobi. There will be a screening of the short film, Shine Again, made by the students during the workshop in Kenya. This will be followed by a wide-ranging debate aimed at analysing important issues, such as the repercussions of climate change on the lives of local populations. It will also deal with topics relating to inter-ethnic dialogue, immigration, and the increasing power and influence of criminal organisations which fuel conflicts, thanks to contribution of UNHCR, UNICRI, Comune di Torino, JRS e Centro Astalli (Ufficio del JRS in l’Italia).

The event also benefits from the patronage of UNHCR.

Attending the event:

Giulio Pedretti, president of the “Superottimistiarchive;

Giulia Carbonero, vice-president of the “Superottimisti” archive and head of the academic division;

Elena Gallenca, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Nairobi;

Angelo Pittaluga, Head of Global Advocacy – JRS/ International Office;

Students from the communication course held by JRS and Southern New Hampshire University for refugees in Kenya;

Elena Atzeni, Integration Associate, UNHCR;

Manuela Brunero, Counter-Terrorism Programme Officer, UNICRI;

Ahmed Abdullahi Abdullahi (Turin City councilor), ex political refugee

Nouhoum Traore, expert in Environment Economy at the University of Turin.


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