Cine: Cinema Communities for Innovation, Networks and Environment

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The aim of the project is to make use of movie theaters in areas where there are none or are closing. The idea is to exploit their function as gathering points for cultural and social cohesion, to sow the seeds of environmental and food culture among young people. In brief, this is the aim of the Cinema communities for Innovation, Networks and Environment (CINE) project with which Slow Food, jointly with Italian and international partners, will support movie theaters by strengthening their role in local communities.

To reach this goal, Slow Food is experimenting with a new type of cinema experience: a series of presentations in a program of selected European films created in collaboration with CinemAmbiente and local movie theater operators.Besides these films and documentaries, a side program of tastings, debates, concerts, excursions, and children’s workshops will be organized by the movie theaters and local figures. The idea is to develop the tools to connect the movie theaters in a wider network in which they can enhance their long-term programs and aid the theaters in finding new resources and ideas. In this context, the selection of films and documentaries on the relationship between food and the environment will strengthen not only the attractiveness of the initiatives undertaken together with local food producers and sellers but also food educational programs for children and schools. A part of the format has been piloted and consists of cinema workshops for young people, where they can learn about film directing, screenplay writing, and editing through such simple means as iPhones. The workshops provide a learning environment for acquiring the language of cinema through which young people can then express their view of the world and help build communities where cinema can regain its role as a place for sociality, together with the interests common to cinema, activism, entertainment, and civil engagement.

The CINE format has been successfully rolled out in the area between Bra and Cherasco, Canavese, and Croatia. Three locations where cultural life has been enriched by a variegated offer that opens new perspectives and stimulates interest in art and cinema.

The partners of the CINE project, which is financed by the European Union and coordinated by Slow Food, are the Associazione Cinemambiente, the Mobile Film Festival, the Cinema Boaro di Ivrea, the Cinema Vittoria di Bra, the Croation association Kinookus, and the town of Cherasco.


Website: slow-food/cine-cinema-communities-for-innovation-networks- and-environment/

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