One Planet One Future Multimedia Exhibition by Anne de Carbuccia

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June 5th – August 30th 2023, Palazzo del Rettorato – University of Turin, via Po, 17
Inauguration with the presence of the artist                                 
Monday June 5th – 5.45 pm

The 26th edition of Festival CinemAmbiente presents, together with the University of Turin, a multimedia exhibition, edited by UniVerso and dedicated to the artwork of the environmental artist and director Anne De Carbuccia.

Anne De Carbuccia uses the language of art – photographs, installations and movies – to document the damages caused by humans on the planet, “how much we still have, how much more we can lose and how much we had already lost”.

The aim of her work is to raise the public’s awareness towards the environmental crisis that we are living through, inviting everybody to change our consumption habits that contributed to its creation.

Her images, caputered in the most remote places on Earth, are a tribute to the endangered subjects, oceans and habitats in peril, animal species and cultures and they are a ruthless examination of the disastrous effects of Anthropocene, the new geological era where the human impact dominates over the natural cycles.

The artworks by Anne De Carbuccia document the beauty and the richness that we are so quickly losing and they are an urgent call to imagine a different world. With an hourglass and a skull, symbols of time and transience of life, and with other objects retrieved during her expeditions, the artist creates installations full of environmental symbols in terrestrial and marine landscapes. “The skull is not a symbol of death, but it reminds us to use our time on Earth to take positive actions. In Vanitas there is no death, but only choice. You look at Vanitas and you stop losing time, it is one of the most positive symbols ever created”.

Anne calls this installations TimeShrine to honor the subject sacredness and to warn us that, because of Anthropocene, it is running out of time. The appearance of the TimeShrine invites us to reflect on the beauty and on the fragility of our planet, to protect it and save it.

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