Master class Victor Kossakovsky

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At this year’s CinemAmbiente the Stella della Mole Award will be presented to director Victor Kossakovsky, whose most recent feature film Gunda will also be screened during the festival. We have also taken the opportunity to organize a masterclass, ideal for film enthusiasts and professionals, where the director will discuss and share with the participants some aspects of his work.

Victor Kossakovsky’s films have won acclaim from international critics and audiences from the very beginning, thanks to their truly personal and original way of investigating reality. Initially, the director used the film medium to explore the specific dimension of Russian families, then gradually broadened his point of view to cover macro issues such as the environment, always beginning from the analysis of their underlying micro issues. The goal of this creative process is to look more closely at the contemporary world and the subtle nuances of its stories.

The director’s vision of cinema is based on the idea that films are essentially a vehicle through which the director “shows” the message that they want to get across, communicating it visually without stating it explicitly. Kossakovsky has always tried to bring us into contact with the most intimate and poetic aspects of being, within us and around us, the poetry that we often fail to see.

The masterclass will cover the following topics:

Vedere o non vedere? (To see or not to see?) . A paradox: we need to learn to unsee in order to see better.
Arte dell’empatia e empatia dell’arte (The art of empathy and the empathy of art) . The motivation for making art and finding the purpose behind it.

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