Le Ghiande Literary Award to Claudio Morandini

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Claudio Morandini, from Aosta Valley (Italy), was born in 1960. He is the winner of the Le Ghiande Literary Award of 2023 CinemAmbiente Festival.

In his novel, which range from gothic to crime, nature is not on the background, but it becomes a well-rounded character. It is an uncanny presence with its own will that blends, gets in the way and disrupts the human intentions. It is represented by stones that multiply in the living room and ice revealing traces of a crime, sly animals, animated objects and troubled landscapes. In the middle, us: human beings caught off guard by this strange intimacy. After all, this is the most suitable image to describe the Anthropocene, the geological era that carries our name, but which marks the transition from the illusion of human centricity to the disorientation due to a planet that slams its tail and takes back the stage.

Morandini got humans and not humans talking, by putting them in comparison and often in conflict, within familiar and yet unpredictable circumstances, always with rare irony, lightness and authenticity in the Italian horizon.

The Award

Le Ghiande Literary Award was born in 2015 from a Tiziano Fratus and Gaetano Capizzi’s idea to celebrate poetry and prose authors and authoresses who make ecological awareness an essential element of their poetic work.


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