From Transition to Ecological Conversion

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Casacomune Scuola e Azioni, founded in 2019 by Gruppo Abele and Libera, is offering a day of reflection on the need for a true ecological “conversion”. An opportunity to think about an increasingly relevant issue and an attempt to activate processes that will lead toward a new way of living, consuming, and relating to others; ecological conversion should, in fact, be considered to impact the essence of the most important things, those that make us feel grateful for what we have and what surrounds us.

The title chosen for this initiative is intended to mark the first publication of the series I NIDI by Casacomune, edited by Luigi Ciotti and Mirta Da Pra and available as an insert in the magazine Lavialibera.

In addition to our usual loyal CinemAmbiente audience, the event is for anyone interested in learning more about the issues related to the social and environmental imbalances of our time. In particular, workers in the agricultural sector, environmentalists, teachers, lawyers, students, researchers, citizens in general, and all those who care about protecting the planet on which we live.

In addition to being an association dedicated to promoting science and culture, Casacomune is a school of training, cultural dialogue and social exchange, with active experiences in the field, designed to promote values and actions of sustainability and social justice. With special attention to spirituality and ethics, it communicates with people from different beliefs, cultures, and religions. The topics covered include the climate crisis, biodiversity, food, environmental migrants, and spirituality.

Round table discussion

From Transition to Conversion. The Importance of Language with Mirta Da Pra, Casacomunejournalist, and Gaetano Capizzi, director of CinemAmbiente

Necessary choices to deal with a changing climate with Angelo Tartaglia, nuclear engineer and physicist, member of the National Institute of Astrophysics

For an intergenerational pact with Chiara Giaccardi, anthropologist Catholic University of Milan

Loving the earth with Carlo Petrini, sociologist and Slow Food founder

What kind of conversion is needed for a cosmic ecology? with Leonardo Boff, theologian and writer (online link)

Conclusion by Luigi Ciotti, president of Gruppo Abele, Libera and Casacomune

Good in the right company

A meal cooked with recovered products in order to reduce waste and give new value to crops and cultures. A way to highlight the urgent need to redefine our lifestyles and consumption and a time of sharing to rediscover the social value of food.

The lunch is made possible thanks to a contribution from Nova Coop cooperative society.

To book the lunch please visit the web site

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