Cities where life is better. Examples of urban ecological change

5:30 PM

Cities are the heart of contemporary society and the driver of ecological transition. Cities are also laboratories where bold innovations can be seen. Post WWII II urban growth was built around the automobile, however, cityscapes cannot be changed without farsighted systemic interventions. Many cities in Europe and elsewhere have begun to review their structure, function, and way of living. Cities where life is better are easy to imagine: greener, more welcoming and livable, healthier and more beautiful. Perhaps also happier if certain habits can be changed. This is not a dream: we can see it happening in projects taking place around us.

Luca Caneparo, associate professor, Dept. Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Torino. Publications: Alberi e pedoni conquistano le strade di Barcellona
Elisa Campra, landscape architect and agronomist, free lance. Publications: Il verde urbano come infrastruttura: le Nature-Based Solutions in Italia ed Europa
Andrea Burzacchini, expert in sustainable mobility, director of Aiforia. Publications: Una svolta nella mobilità urbana
Davide Mazzocco, journalist and writer. Publications: Politiche del tempo nelle città del XXI secolo
Roberto Mezzalama, environmentalist and project director of WSP. Publications: Trasformare le città: una questione sistemica

Silvana Dalmazzone, associate professor of Environmental Economics and Climate Change, Dept. Economics and Statistics, University of Torino

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